Lifestyle Serbia is a national tourism campaign, co-created with Serbia’s Ministry of Agriculture & Tourism, for the tourist season of 2014/2015.

My role as Art Director extended to photography, design & strategy.



A number of low-cost airlines recently started flying in/out of Belgrade’s “Nikola Tesla” airport, providing low fares and daily flights from Europe’s major cities. Tourism in Belgrade has been increasing steadily, attracting European youth who is looking for a short & affordable getaway. Belgrade has a lot to offer – unfortunately, this has not been showcased in the best way, and did not address the needs of this “youth” demographic.

Research identified most visitors to be between 19 – 26 years of age, staying an average of 3.5 nights, and being interested in food/drink & entertainment (mainly, Belgrade’s well known nightlife).

Serbia went through some recent turbulent times, and for foreigners, there still exists a question of “safety”. This campaign’s main goal was to showcase places/activities in a trendy, aesthetically pleasing way, to spike interest and provide context as to how people in Serbia live today. Also, our goal was to increase the average length of stay to 4+ nights, and encourage people to leave Belgrade and explore other parts of the country. 




A small team of local and international “influencers” was brought together to create an Instagram-like campaign with a new hashtag #lifestyleserbia, using stylized shots of Serbia’s trendy places, venues & tourist attractions.

Each shot featured a local celebrity – artists, activists, athletes, bloggers & entertainers – next to a landmark, tourist attraction or popular venue, in a way they would choose to interact with it. “Lifestyle” is a key word here, because Serbs deeply care for this – socializing and enjoying life is important in their culture. Photos are of casual nature, showcasing young people having fun.

Eight (8) cities and 3 local mountain resorts are covered, with a total of 110 photos (each featuring a different setting & influencer).

content creation


A year-long content strategy was created, to accompany the on-going campaign. This included a series of blog posts, with in-depth exploration of main cities and tourist attractions, with emphasis on history and context. 

As well, a series of “character” videos were created, showing different types of relatable youth in Serbia (varied by age, sex and interest). 

final thoughts


#lifestyleserbia generated over 25,000 uploaded photos on Instagram, making it one of the most successful user-generated campaigns in Serbia. Our objective was to educate & encourage Serbian youth to share their favourite places and pastimes with visiting foreigners, so they too can enjoy the best Serbia has to offer. 

Tourism in Serbia continues to flourish, and although it is difficult to determine how much of it is due to the #lifestyleserbia campaign, it is safe to assume that it has contributed to the overall effect. Lifestyle Serbia campaign was nominated for numerous tourism & digital media awards in Southern and Central Europe.

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