content creation

I use consumer insight, intuition and design to understand and connect with your ideal audience, through carefully crafted messaging in form of branded content - a visual narrative they care about.

my process


“Given how fast things move today, you’re only as good as your last tweet, snap, pic or ad, so finding ways to continually break through becomes the biggest challenge.”

i am a visual storyteller


I am an imaginative and innovative Content Creator, with an established creative sense and strong commercial experience producing media content within the advertising and social media landscape. 

My experience lies in lifestyle branding, content strategy & creation. My objective is to produce high quality stories that inform and engage the reader, and drive traffic while reinforcing the brand.




  • Develop creative direction and content strategy
  • Scout stories and photoshoot locations
  • Work closely with the marketing team to coordinate efforts
  • Execute all editing, color and retouching needs on all deliverables
  • Work closely with the Creative Director to identify and innovate
  • Organize, backup and archive all content 
  • Collaborate and build relations with contractors and influencers



  • 5+ years of commercial still and motion content creation experience
  • Immersed in pop culture (music, movies, tv) and trends
  • Strong passion producing and directing social content
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier, etc)
  • Passion, energy, and enthusiasm for social media
  • Strong organizational, planning, and time management skills
  • Experience setting up studio and on location shoots
  • Experience using drones, steady cams, audio and lighting equipment
  • Strong knowledge in how brands engage in today’s social universe
  • Experience in social and digital brand and influencer campaigns

case studies


Content Writing, Global Digital Campaigns, Strategic Partnerships, Social Media Posts, Bylined Articles


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