I was recently in a photoshoot for the new collection by Preloved, a Toronto-based brand that is currently sold across North America, Australia, Europe and Japan. It’s been a while since I was in front of a professional’s lens; thankfully, Kat Rizza is super-pro and she made it very easy on me.

While I was there, I kept thinking – I must get some of the “behind-the-scenes” stuff, because I know that’s the most interesting part to me. We all remember the face, but it’s the people in the back that make the magic happen – and, they rarely get the credit. So here’s to all the make-up and hair people, stylists, art directors, lighting experts, designers, photographers and production artists who work hard to make stuff we like to look at! :) Cheers!

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The shootThe shootShoot 1The shoot 2

Here are my personal favourites from the shoot, and what I could show before the rest is revealed.

Thank you Preloved & Kat!

Final BW