Let me start off by saying “I am not a big city girl”. I grew up a quaint little city with remnants of Austro-Hungarian rule, culture and lifestyle. We rode bicycles EVERYWHERE, and it wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to get ANYWHERE. Since then, I have lived in big cities, small cities, villages, jungle retreats, island utopias, and most recently what I call a mega-city: Toronto.

As I try to navigate this concrete jungle, I am finding nooks and crannies I enjoy. It’s not a place I want to stay in forever because times flies too fast here, and life is too short for this traffic. But it’s new, and equally wild and tame; multi-cultural, 24/7, an organized mess. Everyone is a local and a stranger here. It’s becoming New York, fast. And you can be sure that, for everything you don’t like, you will find something you love.

I’ll be here a while, so follow my adventures – I got a few pairs of sneakers that are begging to be worn in, and have set out to visit every single park and museum in the city by the end of summer. They say I will fall in love with this city by September. Let’s see.

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